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Radio announcements work all the time ! 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 Day a year.

Reach millions ears through our Special announcements plans, Increase your sales. If you’re not promoting your business with WBGY, you’re leaving money on the table ! Our 24 hours live radio is one the best ways to let new customers know about you and to let your customers know that it’s time to visit your business.

Promote your brand with premium placements and sponsorship opportunities across our radio, web and mobile channels, as well as our network of publisher, broadcaster and corporate websites.

90.3 FM Hits Radio is the most effective Special announcements channel, combining all media, radio, audio, social media and the Internet under one roof. The exposure is huge as many listeners are exposed to an average of 8 hours (!) Of radio broadcasts.

For details on attractive special announcements opportunities, huge visibility, PR and sponsorship please contact us.